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SMH – HSC Study Guide 2014

Every year the SMH releases a HSC Study guide. These guides provide details, tips, what not to do etc about specific subjects as well as the HSC in general. They are written by HSC markers, so they would know what they are talking about (hopefully…) with some even having suggestions from high achievers from past HSC years!

This is definitely something you should look at if you’re doing the HSC and have yet to hear about it, or have yet to look at. Some things on it are quite basic (such as reading every multiple choice question before choosing an answer), however others are much more useful. What’s most useful I’d say is the way it is separated into different subjects – the tips will be subject based.

There is also a range of media used – some include videos, quizzes and so on.

Check it out! Link below.

The 2014 SMH HSC study Guide.

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